About Us

Wereflix is a production house based in Indonesia which focuses on fashion. We are from Bandung city, known as the center of fashion in Indonesia, most people know Bandung as Paris van Java.

With experience in the fashion and design world, and being a big fan of MUSE who loves to see how MUSE members outfit, from there we decided to create something similar to what the MUSE members wear because it is difficult to bring what they wear into our daily outfits. The reason could be the things are not sold to the public, are out-of-stock, or do not exist anymore.

We try to replicate their outfit with a little bit of our hand touch as our signature. Because we know that there are so many MUSE fans from all over the world that want to have what Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme wear during their live concert or even during their daily activity, but they do not know where they can get all of them.

As we might feel bored when we love a band and would love to buy their stuff, the only options are to buy a T-shirt with the band logo, or even the accessories, something like that. Here, we would love to offer something different, especially for the MUSE fans.

Of course, the journey is not easy. We put a lot of effort to make it happens, because things are not simple. First we have to look for the source of the design that we think it would help us to replicate, next we move into the design making process, then move into printing process, and then creating product sample, and many more. But we never give up as MUSE said "We will be victorious!!"

So, here we are Wereflix focus on creating possible iconic outfits worn by MUSE members, as a solution for all of the MUSE fans all around the world. We put every detail of the design into a perfect product to make MUSE fans proud and happy to have it and to wear it as their daily outfit. By wearing this outfit, as MUSE fans we do not need to explain more to the people how big we love MUSE because the outfit already says it all.